Poster, website, and social assets for Social Growl Dance.

In celebration of 10 years of creation and collaboration, Social Growl Dance Company returned to the stage after two years without production due to the pandemic, with the premiere of This Lament, I’ll Lip-sync Until I’m Born Again.
An interdisciplinary creation of auto-fiction based on the six performers. A broken narrative and descent into a black hole of emotional molasses.

The website was conceptualized with a focus on establishing a fresh visual language that was yet aligned with the brand's primary visual elements. The graphic communication on the poster and the website is harmonized by the use of
dynamic typefaces and bold colors.

Scope: Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Website Design | 2022
Cool points: Queer Owned, Supports Local Artists
Credits | Text: Riley Sims, Photos: Max Dietzmann, Video Editing: Alexander Farrow
Photography: Beatriz Roth
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