Lambe com Afeto
Ongoing project // Brazil - Canada

"Lambe-Lambe" is an urban language derived from the culture of street posters, which has been widely used as a form of communication since the nineteenth century. The visual elements on the poster are a representation of the ads commonly seen on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. The ads consisted of bold types in a variety of sizes and weights that were dispersed casually and designed to quickly catch the attention of onlookers.
This project aims to spread words of self-love and encouragement around the streets to anyone open to receiving.
The texts have been picked from the book "Já no me sinto só" (I no longer feel lonely) by the Brazilian actress and writer

Maria Flor. In her first book, she shares her journey to discover her true self.

Each poster's background is a series of pictures taken by me in 2011 in Brazil using a Diana F+ Camera 120 mm format.

Scope: Graphic Design and Photography | 2021

"I am born again"

"It was the choice of my love for myself that would always guide me"
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